Visual Recordings

Gary Fisher

10th August 2017 — 11th October 2017


Gary Fisher is an artist and improviser who explores sound through instinctive and investigatory responses to objects, actions, places, words and ideas. Central to the work are continuous processes of developing improvised recording and playing practices. Using a mixture of analogue and digital technologies, and often employing a DIY approach to making, he composes and performs with sounds from various sources including: found objects; collected records and tapes; home-made instruments and electronics; and alternative approaches to existing instruments. He has made performances, interventions and installations in concert halls, galleries, disused shops, living rooms and on live radio, self-published several recorded compositions as well as producing various visual works and objects relating to his ongoing work with sound.

This exhibition brings together a new selection of visual works on paper produced over the years as part of Fisher’s ongoing work with sound. The​se drawings, prints, documents and collages​ represent experiments, by-products and ideas relating to various stages of development from current and older projects dating back to 2007.

All work is for sale contact Rich