T R A C E S | ト レ イ サ ズ

Naomi Kashiwagi

10th February 2017 — 12th April 2017

For this exhibition of new works at All The Shapes the artist unfolds rituals and processes inherent in Japanese arts and craft. Naomi poetically and playfully reinvents their application to reveal the philosophical essence as visual traces.

Japanese art of paper folding.

Japanese art of flower arranging/giving life to flowers. A kenzan is used to support the stems.

Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer.

Phonetic lettering system used in Japanese, primarily for words from foreign languages.

Naomi Kashiwagi is an artist living in Manchester who produces drawings, prints, sound works, installations and performances that draw upon her dual heritage, an intrinsic fusion of two cultures, British and Japanese. Naomi’s practice playfully provokes the fringes of disciplines and genres, the intersections and impacts of visual art, music and everyday life upon one another. She explores the potential of things beyond their prescribed uses by poetically transforming their utilitarian and conceptual function.