Garden Of Verse

Richard Harris

9th February 2018 — 10th April 2018

Richard Harris’ exhibition at All The Shapes features a selected collection of newly created paintings and existing works spanning from 2016 to the present date. It is the first time the artist has exhibited in this light. Previously, work has been shown in bodies, with the works sharing a definitive subject, but here they are more free of such thematic structure.

The paintings are allowed to exist on a vast plane using the surrounding walls as part of the composition. The paintings become notes in song, the notes exist on their own but are chosen by the composer and bought together, as if to perform for us. The artists’ dynamic abstractions convey movement and rhythm through a balance of marks and forms. While most works retain a certain luminosity, they are somewhat dark, almost resisting colour. Spread over two floors this exhibition embraces a fluid approach to presentation, allowing a balanced meditative and bold state of consciousness.