Forme Ombrosi and Favourable Circumstances

Andi Hanley and Joshua Elgar-Chetwyn

9th June 2017 — 9th August 2017

Andi Hanley is currently a Manchester based artist, music producer and lifetime spinner.

The work exhibited is a collection of deeply intricate hand drawn ballpoint pieces. Each drawing evokes beauty and darkness within their rich textural design and ‘shady shapes’ (‘Forme Ombrosi’ in Italian). All prints are for sale.

Joshua Elgar-Chetwyn is a Manchester based artist who focuses largely on street photography and emotional moments of small things in big cities. He is constantly attempting to discover beauty in everything.

This exhibition is a collection of “favourable circumstances” that were considered as chance accidental shots, but now have alternative significance. All works selected for this exhibition are previously unseen and are shot on 35mm film or 120 Medium Format film.

‘There’s something special about capturing a moment that can not be recreated onto a strip of celluloid film, there is a tangibility with working with an analogue medium, which isn’t the same with any modern digital technology’. All prints are for sale.